Morgan Lappin photographed by Hannah Bryan, 2012

Morgan Lappin photographed by Hannah Bryan, 2012

Morgan Jesse Lappin is a collector of the unusual, the sensual, and anything “magical”. Sometimes you can see him on his magic carpet hovering around Brooklyn, spreading love like butter on a hot southern biscuit. Morgan was kidnapped by a religious fanatic and survived, he can do 30 jumping jacks faster than any 7 year old in the world, yet he makes sure his room is vacuumed at least 4 times a day. Pro Russian Dancer, he travels the earth within his own mind, leaving bits and pieces of himself where ever he goes. 

When making collage pieces the images Morgan uses come strictly from old encyclopedias, and other older publications. He uses nothing more than a physical cut and paste/tape method with all his work. The goal of his work is to make the viewer think about the characters in relation to the situation and environment in which they are placed. The juxtaposition of character and setting create witty and poignant statements that make people think, and most times smile. Newer works have taken on a new style in which smaller images are pieced together as if it was a puzzle that doesn’t exist. These grouped images eventually take on its own entity when completed. 

In December 2013 he put together a band of merry collage artists and thus the Brooklyn Collage Collective was born. You can find more information and the art of the BCC @



Instagram: @morgan_jesse_lappin / @over_night_sensation /



2018 December Fest - Group Show / One Art Space (Manhattan, NY)

2018 Double Decker Salon Show - Group Show / Green Point Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)

2018 Where did Waldo go? - Solo Show / BCC Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)

2018 Bushwick Open Studio’s - BCC Exhibit / BCC Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)

2018 The Collage Show / Undercurrent Gallery on (Online Gallery)

2018 3rd Annual Urbexpo 2018 / Jefferson Market Library (Manhattan, NY)

2018 The Very Warm @ Gallery 55 Exhibit (Brooklyn, NY)

2018 Web Site Launch / Group Show: 333 Scholes St. (Brooklyn, NY)

2017 Meatspace / BCC Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)

2017 Hands off my Cuntry: Undercurrent Projects (Manhattan, NY)

2016 Cut & Taste: Chinatown Soup (Manhattan, NY)

2016 Vitamin C-ollage: The Rabbit Hole (Brooklyn, NY)

2015 Carousel London "Brooklyn Collage Collective Vs. London (London, UK)

2015 Brooklyn Collage Collective/Bushwick Open Studios (Brooklyn, NY)

2015 St.Marks Book Shop "Emerging Artists" (Manhattan, NY)

2015 Select Art Fair/NYC 2/ Fuchs Projects (Manhattan, NY)

2015 The Birds and Bees: The Big Lean + Fuchs Projects (Brooklyn, NY)

2015 Dateline 013: Brooklyn Collage Collective (Denver, CO)

2015 Solo Show @ 188 Galerie/#lahtipopup (Manhattan, NY)

2015 Brooklyn Collage Collective Vs. Syndney @ M2 Gallery (Sydney, Australia)

2014 Carrier Pigeon VOL.4 @ Blackburn 20/20 (Manhattan, NY)

2014 A Group Show @ Arlene's Grocery (Manhattan, NY)

2014 Lorem Ipsum: Schema Projects & the Brooklyn Collage Collective (Brooklyn, NY)

2014 The Halloween Show: Gitler &_____ (Harlem, NY)

2014 Brooklyn Collage Collective Episode #3: Armature Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)

2014 The Merging Properties Exhibition (Manhattan, NY)

2014 Brooklyn Collage Collective Episode #2: BCC Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)

2014 Default World Dreaming: Gallery 151 (Manhattan, NY)

2014 Brooklyn Collage Collective Episode #1: Brooklyn Fireproof (Brooklyn, NY)

2014 Fountain Art Fair: 69th Regt. Armory (Manhattan, NY)

2013 OUR LOWER EAST SIDE - Group Show: The Yard (Manhattan, NY)

2013 Collorgy II: Mola Mash Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)

2013 ROOMS Exhibit: Gitler & ______ (Manhattan, NY)

2012 The Last Laugh Exhibit: Mola Mash Gallery (Manhattan, NY)

2012 Art Snack: Space on White (Manhattan, NY)

2012 Fountain Art Fair: 69th Regt. Armory (Manhattan, NY)

2010 Antagonist Art Group Show: Niagara Bar (Manhattan, NY)

2009 Artcade: The Rabbit Hole (Brooklyn, NY)

2009 Collorgy I: 345 Eldert st. (Brooklyn, NY)

2008 Beast Reality: JUNTO Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)

2008 Halcyon: Solo Show (Brooklyn, NY)Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)


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